Saveamon Are you a person with multiple Manamon saves? Ever wish you could just have them all in one spot and easily switch between them, without a lot of copying and pasting? Well, you are in luck! Saveamon is a Manamon save manager. It lets you manage your saves in one place. Features Allows both … Read more


Swamp Keyboard Configuration Switcherh (SKCS) This simple tool allows you to switch between different Swamp keyboard configuration files. This is useful for managing several configurations at once. Perhaps you want to play with a mouse, but you want to switch to your keyboard instead. By creating two configurations and launching this tool, you can do … Read more


Description Tempoly is a simple and easy to use metronome that fits right on your desktop. It is only 0.5MB in size, and comes with memorizable keyboard controls. This metronome supports most of the most commonly used time signatures, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4. For more signature recommendations, please contact me. Download Download

Radiology Tools

Description Welcome to Radiology Tools. Radiology tools (also commonly called RT or Rtools) is a light-weight radio station manager application that allows people who are hosting radio streams or stations to easily manage them with minimal effort. Features: Music and jingle support. Start your station off with music, with jingles that are able to be … Read more


Description Scrybe is an Audio Vault client, designed to make obtaining shows and movies from the vault as easy as possible. Key Features: Search and browse the vault freely. Type in a query, and browse through the results until you find what you are looking for. Download shows or movies to be watched locally, which … Read more

The Projects Archive

Explanation As life goes on, there are projects which I find I am no longer interested in continuing anymore. This is either because I have ran out of motivation, I have completed what I wanted it to be, or I do not have any more ideas. That is why there is an archive of projects … Read more