The Projects Archive

Explanation As life goes on, there are projects which I find I am no longer interested in continuing anymore. This is either because I have ran out of motivation, I have completed what I wanted it to be, or I do not have any more ideas. That is why there is an archive of projects … Read more

Skateboarder Pro

Description It’s crazy, but you’ve decided to accept the challenge. Your friends have told you that if you can jump all the potholes in front of the school that all of you attend, then you will receive 50 bucks from each of them. But there is one issue. They want you to do it on … Read more

Space Defender

Description You are battling in an endless area of space. Time cannot be estimated, and you are locked in infinite battle. How long can you last, before your ship is destroyed, and the spaceships invade your territory? How long can you keep up your defense before the boss spaceship appears and comes in to kill … Read more

Jump Sprint

Description Jump Sprint is a 2D endless runner. It is packed with obstacles that are sure to unlock your inner rage. But one thing is for sure, its not just jumping and sprinting, it’s much more. FEATURES: Brace yourself as you dive into shifting environments that feature several different obstacles. Buildings with doors, walls and … Read more

Crimson Splash Unlimited Edition

Crimson Splash, Unlimited Edition Crimson Splash now comes with custom server support, allowing anyone who wants a basic FPS to host a server of their own. Please note. I am not responsible for anything that happens on hosted servers. Anything that happens falls on either you, as the player, or the hoster. If you would … Read more

Haunted Party

Description Have you ever played Crazy Party? This isn’t just crazy, it’s haunted! Haunted Party is a spinoff of Crazy Party’s minigame The Zombies Mansion. However, it isn’t just about killing zombies with your sword, a lot more has been thrown in. Are you up for the challenge? Highlights: Tons of entities to deal with, … Read more

Battlefield 2D

Description Battlefield 2D is no classic shooter; It’s a battlefield, full of activity and destruction. Enemies could never be so deadly, until you play the game which will make you think twice about playing a regular shooter or not. Are you able to amp your combat skills to the next level? Can you survive in … Read more

AirPuck Client and Server

Description AirPuck is a multiplayer air hockey game, which opens up the ability for one to play air hockey with fellow friends. This was originally a single player project, but with the help of beta testers and my friend Mohamed Sulaiman, it was ported to multiplayer. AirPuck also comes with the ability to chat, both … Read more